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Oh Glorious Day.

JAMBO (hello in Swahili) from Arusha, Tanzania.

Have you ever felt like a celebrity? Have you had lots of children wanting to hold your hand, high five you, wanting a hug from you? I have...many times. I am so grateful to experience that kind of love, joy, bliss with children around the world. It is an extraordinary & overwhelming burst of emotions!!

We will miss the children at Glorious Orphanage who welcomed us.

Thank you to Alice M. Ndomondo (Glorious), Fred Ngowi (Embark Exploration), & Margaret Burns-Kohn - our partners.

**Be an Ambassador to a volunteer based, grassroots organization where 100% of the contributions receives DIRECTLY serve children.

THANK YOU to everyone who supports us ...financially and non-financially. YOUR support inspires us!

.After numerous Whatsapp communications starting on Aug. 6, 2021, a job well done at Glorious orphanage where Board members distributed sweaters, under garments notebooks, pencils, to children at Glorious Orphanage.

100% of YOUR net contributions DIRECTLY benefit children as we put much needed items directly in the hands of children, but it is about giving with love and joy and spending time with the children.

ASANTE SANA (Thank you very much in Swahili) to all our supporters, who make projects like this and others possible.

It is not too late to pledge to our CLIMBING Kili for Kids campaign. See details at

Be an Ambassador - join us, share comments, re-share our posts with your network. Let's make a difference together.

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