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Patti’s Political Soapbox

Well folks I’m back on the political soapbox…..

The Miami Herald recently ran an article that stated Governor Deathsantis’s political action committee raised almost $14 million dollars in April 2021 bringing its total to about $31.6 million dollars. One single donor gave $5 million dollars.

Here’s a snapshot of legislation that the Governor has signed lately.

*Anti Protest laws.

*A citizen can be arrested & held without bail for protesting law.

*Anti Mob laws.

*Limited Voter Access laws.

*Cut funding for the victims of gun violence laws.

*Mandatory survey asking college students to state their political views.

*Banned CRT

Deathsantis is smart & disciplined & a calculating politician with his eye set on 2024 no matter what he says about 2022. He’s on Fox News weekly & he’s getting National attention. He’s also kicked the FG’s ( former guy) butt in several polls around the state of Florida. The Herald article also quoted him as saying “he won’t campaign in Iowa or New Hampshire before his 2022 reelection campaign”!

So if you think it’s too early to roll up your sleeves & get involved particularly if you live in Florida you are dead wrong! Start now! Volunteer with organizations that will get even more people registered then 2020! Support local level elections! Look @ the candidates running against Deathsantis for Governor in 2022! We must have a major effort to shut him down! Keep him out of the Florida’s Governors House & absolutely keep him from running for the White House!

“Get up, Get out & Do Something.



”Make Sh!t Happen welcomes insightful, diverse, open conversation from both ends of the spectrum.

So, Patti’s note is her opinion and not necessarily the opinion of each MSH team member…which makes for a healthy conversation which we thrive on.

MSH encourages feedback/comments. 9/10th of education is encouragement.

If ever there was a time for true bipartisanship, it is today.”

Margie Burns-Kohn. (CEO. MargsPod Productions/MSH. LLC)

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