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Make Sh!t Happen this week by logging on, subscribing & commenting. Here are some highlights that will Nourish your soul, a few features to read and then Unleash (share) with friends and family and last…stuff that makes us want to Flush.

Noursh!t: Radhika and John (Team Awesome) have arrived in Tanzania. They have a few things to do before they start their climb to the Summit of Africa‘s tallest mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro. Their mission is to raise funds for a Childhood for Children.

Freddie ..who is a guide for Embark Expeditions will be their guide throughout their stay in Kilimanjaro. Here is a message I just received from Freddie.

Please NourishTeam Awesome's climb by Subscribing and Sharing.

Unleash!t: Lots of stuff to Unleash!t. First of all the huge bridal gown giveaway. Thanks to BronGift who is giving away 3 bridal gowns to one bride per dress who emails with why they should get the dress. Click on The Encore Shop and/or Conversation for all the information.

Then…check out The Gallery for all new travel photographs from our Adventure Team member Chris Hetrick. While you are there I suggest you read Chris’s travel blog on the Adventure tab of this site or go to his blog

Chris Hetrick.

Time to Flush!t and WOW is Zim pissed!!! Facebook pulled all communication from Zim’s Doggie Style Therapy blog. oh well, I guess he is going to have to Flush!t and come up with another title for his therapy blog.

I guess I am going to have to change the title of my Fuck!t Exh!b!t. I already know that the Orlando news media will not publish the title.

Anyone have any suggestions for a title for each of these?

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