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Really Pissed Off…

It is stuff like this that makes it hard to smile….

”The planet is fine…the people are fucked”. For the sake of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren its time to Make Sh!t Happen. Did you know that outside heat increases by 2% because of air conditioning….how about opening windows instead and feeling just a tad uncomfortable. Did you know that sitting under the shade of a tree can save a person from heat exhaustion….so get out and plant a tree.

What the HELL is wrong with humans !!! Our animal hero’s frantically look for humans that have been buried by fallen building, they go into the line of duty defending our troops and country, they lead blind humans without hesitation. I am a perfect example of a human who’s horrific symptoms of Parkinson’s subside the minute I pet a dog or a cat. Really.…I’m disgusted and ashamed at the unkindness of so many humans. I thank the human hero’s out there who everyday save a animal with kindness and care and for those families that include and love a animal as a family member.

In a few weeks we will host podcasts specific to these two subjects.

We are taking these two topic to the middle finger.

Good idea to subscribe so that you are the first to know the dates and guests.

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Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
09 de jul. de 2021

Looking forward to sharing stories of human kindness on upcoming pod. Email me at to share your story or give it up to the middle finger.

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