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Shake Up & Wake Up

Born in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Graduated nursing college from Groote Schuur Hospital/University of Cape Town South Africa.

1994-2020: VP/SM Macy’s.

2020-present: Retired. Full time Artist and Parkinson’s Research Advocate.

I am a self taught artist in both Acyclic on Canvas and Photographic Digital art.

2012 at the age of 58 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. A Progressive Neurological Disease which effect uncontrolled movement and many other symptoms. Each PD person has a different set of symptoms. Parkinson’s is progressive and has no cure (yet).

I began my Art journey about 5 years into my diagnosis. Art has become my therapy and passion. It calms my mind and body…it is also the fuel that ignites and excites the reasons why I was given Parkinson’s. I do believe it has made me a better person. It’s made me an Artist.

Time is valuable….My purpose is to inspire other PD-ers to “Shake Up PD” with Art & “Wake Up” corporate HR and general population with PD education.

Parkinson’s is not a death sentence. PD-ers just have to find a way to live differently, to value and enjoy the journey.

Shake Up Fashion VIP event @ CityArts Orlando.

I was honored to have my first solo exhibition at CityArts Downtown Orlando Florida. The exhibit was kicked off with a exclusive VIP evening. Not only did the gallery “Shake Up PD with Art” they also ”Woke Up PD with Education”……John Gabriel (Advisor to the Orlando Magic), Dr. Isa (neurologist) and the team from AdventHealth Neuroscience Institute were in attendance plus, had a open mic conversation with the audience.

Evening was filled with Art, Fashion and Fun.

These were just some of my Art on Exhibit.

Acrylic on Canvas. From L - R: “Save out Women & Children”. ”Get involved” & “I have a Secret”.

Photographs using digital sketching.

Title of series: “Time”

Photographs with digital sketching: Title: “Gender Equality”

Photographs using various digital apps.

NOTE: Shake Up & Wake Up PD is a weekly blog dedicated solely to following the daily life of a PD-er (me) using Art and Education as content. Please follow and participate…its our chance to help find a cure.

In addition if you are interested in me participating at any meeting or group, I am more than happy and honored to do so. (No fee). I make these fun and filled with open raw conversation.

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