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Shhhhh!!!!!!T..don’t tell the Kids

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

SShhhhhh!!!! Don’t tell the kids we are using the ”S” word!!!!!

MSH are making sh!t happen!!!!

Did you know that a backpack is both a basic essential for school and a fashion statement? “Be still my heart…I love school and adore fashion”.

Well….Secily (MSH navigator) is making this happen through her WOW Legacy non-profit organization.

Her WOW group are looking for fashion forward scholars….YOU to donate and/or volunteer at the annual Backpack Scavenger Hunt. It’s like no other scavenger hunt you’ve been to. This truly is Making Shhhhhh!t Happen. Be a part of this Shhh!!!

Either message right here on MSH comments or contact me at OR to donate or volunteer.

I (Margie) will be there looking to meet you, take your picture of you Making Sh!t Happen.

Thank you in advance.

Margie. ....Shhhh!!!!t founder.

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