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TalkBack is a weekly publication by the team at M!H (Make Sh!t Happen). This is where you will get information on blogs, conversations, Book of the Month, podcasts. Check out Encores merchandise for sale and spend some quiet time viewing the gallery.

Trust me..I usually would not start a new year off with sadness however, I felt I needed to TalkBack as I am sure their are others that experienced multiple loss during a time of joy and beginnings. It is hard to grieve multiple deaths...I found this website to be of help:

Thank you for a awesome SHDWI year...we now transition to our new website I'm going to get off my butt and make shit happen this year. I encourage you to join Bookender bookclub...just email for information on how to become an elite Bookender AND check out the Encore merchandise launched 1/ can shop directly on that site.


I would love to hear from you about the website and newsletter content….what you like, what you don’t.….fill up the comment boxes y’all!!!

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