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Almost finished & I love this book !!

If you havenโ€™t seen Babetteโ€™ Feast or Big Night I highly recommend both!

Also I was a huge fan of Keith Floyd !! Iโ€™m looking this program up on You Tube!

Harry said, heโ€™s an amazing actor, but might even be a better writer & of course chef! Looking forward to this conversation !



Bookend Conversation Couch:

June 28th @ 7pm est.

Email to reserve your space on the couch and join the colorful/yummy conversation.

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Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
Jun 26, 2022

I agree with Harryโ€ฆ.Stanley Tucci writes like he is sitting across the kitchen table chatting with you.

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