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Texas Billion Abortion

I’ve never been faced with the decision to have an abortion, but I know several women, close friends who have and what I know is that these intelligent, caring, knowledgeable, thoughtful women made the only reasonable and rational decision they could. And it was their choice about their bodies and their lives!

You know why we (millions of American women) made such a huge deal about Justices Kavanaugh and Barrett being appointed to the Supreme Court because we knew in our guts that this is what the country would face in the future regarding Roe V Wade & the ability and the right to a safe abortion.

Justice Sotomayor’s dissent was right on! Here’s a bit of what she said. “This is the most restrictive abortion measure in the country. This bill is clearly unconstitutional based on its precedents. It equates to a near categorical ban on abortions beginning six weeks after a woman’s last menstrual trail period before many women even realize they are pregnant and months before fetal viability.

The courts failure to stop the bill is stunning and that it rewards tactics designed to avoid judicial review. Texas state legislature has deputized the states citizens as bounty hunters offering them cash prizes for civilly prosecuting their neighbors medical procedures. The Act is a breathtaking act of defiance … of the Construction, of the courts precedents and of the rights of women seeking abortion throughout Texas”.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights! The Lace Collar has been passed on.

Now it’s time to make our voices heard louder then ever before! This is only the beginning! I urge you to make as much noise as you can! Vote in every election for candidates who support a woman’s right to choose! Donate to candidates who support abortion as healthcare! Protect our right to safe healthcare! There are now marches being planned all over the United States join them! In fact help organize them! Do it for our daughters, our nieces, our granddaughters for generations of women to come, so they never have to experience control by legislators telling them how to live or the choices they can make about their reproductive health!

Note: Be a part of this conversation. Let your voice be heard in our comments section. Thank you in advance.

Patti Kasanow. 09/21.

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