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The Bookend Couch.

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

As I think about my virtual book club called Bookends the first thought I have is it’s fun! It is of course way more then fun, it’s lots of laughs, it’s sharing thoughts & ideas & secrets. It’s getting to know my fellow readers more & to reflect on stories that have clearly made us think or reflect a lot or a little. It’s a special time when I get to leave my world outside go in a room where I literally close the doors to the rest of my house & give myself over to the discussion of the month.

I’m a life long reader. I remember my first novel. I remember checking it out of the library. I remember reading the story & feeling all the smarter for the experience! My love affair with books & reading & knowledge started there. It didn’t hurt that there were accolades that came along with being a voracious reader! To this day I get excited about a great story & want to share that experience!

Reading increases ones vocabulary & it forces more critical thinking. It’s calming & a good story can take you to places that you might not ever go. It’s an old friend & a comfort at times when you need to be need comforted. So my advice is read more! Join a Bookclub & don’t feel pressured by it feel joy from it! Join our Virtual Bookends! I guarantee you’ll be glad you did 📚

July’s Book: The Presidents”s Daughter. By: James Patterson & Bill Clinton.

Date: Thursday 7/29 @ 7pm EST.

From: Patti Kasanow.

Bookend Bookclub Facilitator.

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Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
Jul 06, 2021

Patti is the perfect facilitator for a bookclub. She navigates the Bookenders with the ease of a author and knowledge of a literature professor. The Bookender conversations are packed full of lively opinions.

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