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Wake Up Florida

This week Governor DeSantis & the Republican legislature continued to tell voters loudly that Florida is a Free State. Some of those freedoms are restricting reproductive rights, limiting our freedom to vote, censoring our freedom of speech & our ability to peacefully protest. During an evening into night session these legislators passed HB 5 a 15 week abortion ban. Abortion rights supporters from Planned Parenthood were forcefully escorted out of the gallery not being allowed to protest. Florida’s House leadership chose this time frame on purpose because they know that a majority of Floridians don’t support the ban & their only strategy was to silence opposing voices. Passing bills while Floridians slept!

Another bill SB 1818 would expand the states ban on sanctuary cities & organizations from assisting the federal government in relocating undocumented immigrants to Florida many of them unaccompanied minors. Under this bill companies could be prohibited from doing business with FL governments if they help the Biden administration transport unauthorized aliens into the state. As Commissioner Fried said, ‘this is just another hate fueled publicity stunt by this Governor”. In fact it will only intensify the discrimination that immigrant communities already know too well. It pours fuel on the fire of hatred, jeopardizes our agricultural industries & our state economy, risking the safety of children & organizations that provide shelter to vulnerable immigrant children.

So now we only have the rights to do what the Governor allows in Florida! And he is supported whole heartedly by the Republicans in the legislature! This isn’t freedom my friends! It’s backward thinking! It’s dangerous! As I said in my last blog it’s called Fascism ! It’s time to wake up & speak up !!! Florida has been my home on & off for over 26 years & I have no intention of watching this state turn into a dictatorship with a extremist & fanatic in charge!

Patti Kasanow….Author.

Note: The views of Ms. Kasanow are not those of every team member of M!H nor MargsPod LLC. We as a team pride ourselves in being diverse in every sense.

Margie Burns-Kohn. (Founder of M!H/MargsPod LLC).

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