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I am not a Fashion Blogger so you will see any video’s of me explaining how to put outfits together or where to purchase your outfits.

I am purely a photographic digital artist who happens to love fashion and finds art in fashion, especially couture. Side Note: I’m going to the Dior Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum in Feb!)

Shopping is NOT something I like to do and I never shop online for clothes. My closet is full of 27 years worth of corporate attire and certainly not the ME look anymore. I have pieces like my leather vest and salmon color long skirt that I love however, nothing to add the “zing” to it.

Bring forth the cute LOFT boutique in Winter Park Florida. It is literally 5min from my house, great associates, extremely well maintained and a ever-flow of new merch.

Couture it is not, yet, it is perfect for add on to ”zing” or be it the “zing”.

So…Why and how did Lovin Livin LOFT @ Winter Park (LLL@WP) start?

I saw the pants, knew I loved the wide pant look and like my art pops into my head so did the “Look” of the pants. I put the look together, went out that evening to an art exhibit, was extremely comfortable. That look did exactly what it was intended to do. Got home, being a photographer took some selfie pictures, liked the outcome and posted.

Little did I imagine the huge response I got…within 2 hours there was well over 100 views. This made me think how fun this would be to add to my MargsPod Production Website. As I said..I am not a stylist so what works for me may not for you however, from the picture you may get a few idea.

Note: LOFT does not provide me with outfits to do this nor is this done under any LOFT brand marketing. I purchase my own stuff and promote fun fashion under my label.

While I’ve got you…please check out the Gallery for news and details on my upcoming first solo art exhibition this November. I’m super excited!!

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