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Women Grabbed Back Freedom..

A few days prior to the Midterms film maker Michael Moore said, convince me that women will care more about soup being 22 cents more a can or the fact that their reproductive rights have been taken away. He was so right!

Women around the country made their voices heard with their vote. American women grabbed back freedom! Women of all ages stepped up & ran for local & state offices, they registered in historic numbers & they showed up & voted. The threat to bodily autonomy was the last straw. Exit polls around the country reflected this sentiment over & over again!

Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont, California & Montana all voted to protect abortion rights. Voters clearly rejected the Supreme Courts reversal of Roe v Wade & wanted their rights constitutionally protected. Keep in mind that Kentucky & Montana are 2 very red states, but it made no difference. Dobbs changed everything!

These Midterms were a huge referendum for abortion rights! For women’s rights! The power of their vote will make a huge difference in the future of our country. And it’s only the beginning!

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1 Comment

Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn
Nov 15, 2022

I would be interested to read what other people thought about women taking what rightfully they worked for in the midterms? Are women becoming more tenacious when it comes to equality?

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