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At least I didn’t Throw Up.

The PD Blog.


Anxiety Attack.

Whew….finally pretty much off the Attack Ledge. Bad news…lasted longer and deeper than most. Good news…I did not throw up, Uch, I hate that.

My intention for the PD Pod & Blog Files is to be 100% transparent..that is the only way to possibly serve as information for scientists who are working on finding a cure and maybe..just maybe there could be one message in the content that would make for a better PD day for both the person and/or caregiver.

So…lets talk my attempt to manage out of the attack. First of all this attack hit with all 5 bullets.

1. Daily living: I had been fixated on ‘death’ lately. The amount of celebrity & family deaths. As well as my own death.

2. Stress: I seemed to have it on my mind that I was going to be in a car accident during bike week. Driving has always been extremely exciting and therapeutic for me…not so much last week.

3. Nutrition: Only had one substantial dinner in many, many days. My fuel tank was running on empty.

4. Sleep. I had not slept at all, not even a nap for two consecutive nights and days. My brain was firing blanks.

5. Exercise: zero for an entire week…other than take the dog for a few walks.

I knew I was in trouble…I knew that my PD switch would be unable to turn on and I knew that I could be on a crash course for a stroke or heart attack.

I needed a plan and I was responsible for my plan.

The vital first step to the plan working is socialization. This is tough however, in order to counter attack the ‘5’,…..socialization is the ignition.

I want to personally thank a few people ..some aware and some unaware of my situation this past week: My French tutor, Each individual Bookender, My sibling,my pod partner, A @ the Institute. And of course Zim-24/7.

Ignition is on….now onto the ‘5’. I will address more in detail over the next 5 blogs what specifically was my counter attack for each of the 5.

Please read, share and subscribe. By sharing you may just make a better day for someone who has PD and/or their caregiver.

Reach out if needed:

Forever Grateful.

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