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I have to Look Back to Go Forward!!

Post Podcast thoughts are most often…actually, for me they are ALWAYS worth dwelling on and learning from. Jim (my pod partner) is such a wise human being. Some word or sentence he uses in our pod conversations leave me “thinking” for days. I tend to live in a PD lalala land, whereas Jim lives in reality.... Reality of our future does not look all that pleasant, certainly far from the wonderful, productive, powerful past life we embraced. My reality is the fact that ’they‘ are not going to find a cure in my lifetime….heck, they have JUST come across a BioMetric that will identify PD before you have symptoms. Don’t get me wrong…I’m pleased, very pleased..however, NOW WHAT ?!…..Gratitude-that‘s what! Like I mentioned in the podcast, “I 100% think PD sucks, I hate the fact it has disrupted my life yet, I am grateful for what it has brought me…a website, podcasting, painting..being an actual artist. Which brings me to my quest of actually BEING and SHOWING gratitude. I started a Gratitude app and I kid you not..this was the very first action:…and I quote..

‘STOP DWELLING ON THE PAST’. If you keep staring back at it, you’ll miss all of the amazing things in front of you. What are things you want to see on the road ahead?

No Sh!t! was my immediate reaction. Let me see what do I see on the road ahead....constipation, drooling, speak impairment, confusion, wheelchair…the list is long, I can look forward to any or all of those….YEAH FOR ME!!! That’s fucking reality.

Hell NO it isn’t!! Look…I do totally understand that, that is the reality of this disease..100%…HOWEVER, after much DWELLING (Trust me I can dwell). I cannot and will not stop staring back at my was is what keeps me grateful for the future and ‘moving’ forward to all the amazing thing in front of me.

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In closing:

Margie. 4/26/23. Parkinson’s Rollercoaster Pod with Jim & Margie.

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Margie Burns-Kohn
Margie Burns-Kohn

We would love and appreciate starting a conversation with those living with Parkinson’s sharing their tips of managing the symptoms as well of those curious about the disease. Sharing is knowledge…so many people have little to zero knowledge of this disease..we are the educators.

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