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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Cathie (Chair) navigates us from Feeling Icky about the news to challenging us to look where we are putting out attention.

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Pod Blog Afterthought.

Blogger: Cathie.

We are What We See

I just chaired the 3 Friends & 1 Chair podcast this week. I was feeling very icky because I had spent too much time watching the unnamed past President who was indicted days before. Putting my attention on him was not just a waste of time, but a waste of all things that are good for my well being.

What I learned today during the podcast was by putting my attention on discussing other news, I was able to shift into a feeling of peace and motivation. There are so many stories out there that happen that same day that were about people making shit happen. And that, is where my attention should have been put.

So if you are feeling icky or hopeless or negative, I challenge you to look where you are putting your attention. After all, we are what we see!

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