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Oh F….Here comes Anxiety !

Coincidence - Or Not ?

I for one firmly believe that the universe purposely puts each of us in a specific place and time to meet a certain person or persons. Such is the case with Jim, Janet and myself.

Place: Macys. Altamonte Springs. Florida.

Time: 1998.

A year after we met theirs was the first wedding I had been to in the States. Beautiful, private, personal nuptials.

As the years went by our careers took us in different directions. We lost touch but for the occasional social media glance. On day in late 2022 I received a message from Janet saying that Jim had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and that he/they were struggling with the reality of a progressive disease….Ahh!!!…something I was far too familiar with as, I had been diagnosed 10 years prior.

So…I ask….COINCIDENCE - OR NOT? (Personally I think NOT).

We invite you to join us while ‘WE POD & I BLOG‘ our daily journey of living with Parkinson’s. We are a perfect pair….Jim - the future & Margie - the moment.

Each episode delves into how we cope with progression and knowing that there is no cure - YET. (Jim is working on it…LOL). We thrive off of your comments and questions…so bring it on as we always answer.

PLEASE subscribe and share. If there is someone out there who has recently been diagnosed or hitting a progressive wall that we, Jim, Janet, myself & YOU can help have one good day and manage a few more then a few more then a …….. That is our intent.

Click on link to view PODCAST.

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