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The Great Resignation or The Great Reshuffle?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Patti takes the “Chair” exploding the conversation of “Now Hiring” …….

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Blog: 03/28/23

Chair/Author: Patti.

“Now Hiring continues to make me think. Was Covid really the catalyst in changing how America works? Did millions of people men & women wake up after weeks & months of the pandemic & say, “ I’m fed up & I’m not going to take it anymore”! I’m inclined to say they did!

The US Chamber of Commerce in February stated some of the reasons why people left their jobs, retirement was available, searching for an improved life/work balance, flexibility of schedules, increased compensation or a stronger company culture were just a few. They have referred to this as the “ Great Resignation “, but I think it was actually their second idea called the “Great Reshuffle “.

Is demanding fair wages, better treatment for themselves & their communities, childcare that is safe & affordable, advancement for both men & women critical for the work force future? I believe it is!

When you hear people say, “ no one wants to work anymore” think carefully about those words. This concept has been weaponized by some in local, state & the federal government. My belief is that this is not a true reflection of the hiring issue. Take a minute to look around your community & see who is hiring. More than likely these are face to face jobs that pay traditionally low wages, have long, specific set hours, almost no benefits & aren’t concerned about workers life/work balance. Then think … Would I want that type of job?

Patti M. Kasanow

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